Our People

At Orbitel, we believe that our people are our strength. Their knowledge, commitment, and talents drive our success.

Diversity at Orbitel

At Orbitel, diversity is a way of thinking differently and making sure we are getting the best ideas, effort and performance from all of our people. We're talking about building an inclusive environment that allows us to leverage the contributions of all of our people as we strengthen our competitiveness in the global marketplace. A wealth of innovative ideas arises from a diverse workforce  ideas that ultimately transform into action and success for our customers and employees.

Life at Orbitel

At Orbitel, we are developing a strong hands-on leadership team that drives collaboration, motivates employees and sets the standard for creating customer value. As a Orbitel employee, you will work with technology that makes a difference, and learn from the best-and-brightest - other employees like yourself. These elements, partnered with competitive rewards and an environment that values the unique contributions from employees around the globe, are the hallmarks of the Orbitel experience.
Job Opportunities

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