Business Strategy

Orbitel Telecommunication adopts a flexible Opportunity-driven Business Development Model.

While consistently maintaining a qualified potential pool of Human Resources at hand through partner HR companies, these resources are adequately selected for hire and dynamically allocated to acquired projects as applicable. As such, a wide range of telecom expertise is made available to Partners and Customers in a flexible manner based on project.

Staff expertise is enhanced through provision of Internal and External Training and Coaching.

Performance metrics are continuously monitored to forecast and eliminate business risks.

With the rapid convergence of fixed and mobile broadband Internet and the growing demand for next-generation mobile communication solutions, our mission is to lead the next wave of innovative products that meet the expanding needs of our customers around the world. The trends toward media mobility, ubiquitous connectivity coupled with mobile lifestyles and business, continue to expand. Today, Orbitel's portfolio of technologies, solutions and services include Commissioning, Roll-Out, Installation, Integration, Implementation, Maintenance, and Technical Support services for Fixed, IP, and Mobile Core and Access Networks. We operate globally, tapping the creativity of diverse cultures and individuals.

We harness the power of our global business to benefit society. Through our products, services and operations, we work to create economic opportunities and growth in regions where we do business. We know there is only one earth, so we foster sustainable use of the earth's resources in our products and operations, and we strive to use environmentally conscious products.