Network Maintenance

Orbitel provides care services for the maintenance telecommunication network, in order to avoid failure of telecommunication services and support operators in their networks.
Operations within the Network Maintenance Service covers the following processes:


Review of the basic monitoring practices related with the Customer’s existing monitoring procedures, enabling the ramp-up of the fault management process, Installation and adjustment of alarm management features, arranging site visits through maintenance routines, to facilitate higher corrective maintenance efficiency.

Configuration Management:

Checking the interfaces between the tools used, modification and enhancement  of tool interworking with relevant scripts. The outcome optimizes the input of data, using templates to fill values wherever possible to make complete data, and facilitates higher networkquality through configuration data verification.


  • Customization and transfering of effective routines  for preventive, corrective and scheduled maintenance
    Preventive maintenance routines
  • Corrective maintenance practices
  • Scheduled maintenance tasks, e.g. recommended network element upgrade practices