Turnkey Solutions

ORBITEL provides comprehensive turnkey solution services to wireless operators and equipment vendors. Some of examples of our turnkey solutions are:

  • Roll-out project management
  • Complete RF design (tools, map database, and engineering services)
  • Pre- and post- launch optimisation (tools, drive testing, and engineering services)
  • Core and IP network design
  • In-building and DAS design
  • CW and model tuning campaigns
  • Performance management (drive testing, daily KPI monitoring, traffic monitoring, trouble tickets& integration of new sites)

We work with our clients on the most suitable model for  turnkey projects, tailored to your needs,  based on fixed deliverables, KPI based projects, price per site or per network element, etc.
We also support turnkey solutions for most of the current and emerging major wireless technologies:

    • WiMAX and broadband technologies
    • LTE
    • CDMA/1xRTT/EvDO
    • Microwave & LMDS