Radio & Core Planning Practice

ORBITEL offers consulting services to assist operators and vendors create innovative strategies, aligned to their individual business goals, to evolve their networks using the latest technologies.

We offer support throughout the entire network evolution cycle of new / existing wireless networks including:

  • Business plan & investment modelling
  • Services modelling (voice & data)
  • Pre-bid support for new spectrum allocations
  • Evaluation of different vendor solutions
  • Network design strategy evaluation
  • 2G site re-use studies
  • Friendly sites/co-sharing analysis
  • Network sharing strategies
  • Technical operational audits
  • Component selection (antennas, TMAs, feeders, etc)

Radio planning practice

ORBITEL is specialised in providing a complete end-to-end radio network design solution for wireless networks. With a solid track record of over 6 years in the wireless industry, we have extensive experience with 2G, 2.5G and 3G radio network design, nominal planning, radio propagation modelling campaigns, frequency/SC planning, neighbour list and parameter specification/planning/IRAT, traffic engineering, indoor solutions and roll-out planning, project management and more.
The ORBITEL  radio planning consulting group providse know-how and expertise in all current and emerging major wireless technologies, including:

  • WiMAX and LTE

ORBITEL is in a unique position in the consulting industry to offer unique solutions in radio planning using its tool suite aimed at reducing both the CAPEX and OPEX costs for its customers.

Access & core planning practice

The ORBITEL access & core planning team work closely with operators to select the most cost effective core network strategy and architecture to support voice and advanced data services. ORBITEL’s core planning Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) bring industry best practices to support the operators with:

  • Core & access nominal planning
  • Core & access roll-out planning
  • Optimal Architecture selection
  • Synchronisation planning. Integrated next generation network planning tool solutions

Some of the key aspects considered in our core & access planning methodology are reliability, scalability, availability and security.