RF Enginering Services

Using mobile radio, microwave radio, paging systems, fiber optics or other wire-line media, our engineering professionals provide design consultation, candidate site evaluation, path, coverage and site design for new and existing wireless networks. 

Planning Engineering

Review available performance capacity of existing, planned facilities or switch installation

RF Engineering

PCS, cellular, paging and mobile radio propagation coverage analysis

  • RF Design
    • Nominal Design
    • Design by using tools Atoll, Asset
    • Redesign
    • Capacity Design
    • Coverage Design
  • RF Planning
    • Model Tuning
    • Site Survey
    • Site Acouisition
    • TSS
  • RF Optimization
    • Drive Test
    • Bechmark
    • Swap
    • Analysis

Microwave Engineering

Path survey and design, interference analysis, license application preparation and equipment requirements

Equipment Engineering

Rack and floor layouts, equipment interconnection and procurement specifications, AutoCAD drawings

Performance engineering

ORBITEL has optimisation experience in 2G, 2.5G and 3G networks. Our network        performance consulting team is specialised in providing solutions to our customers       that improve the overall performance of networks, reduce churn and ultimately deliver         improved Return On Investment.
We can customise solutions to target specific network needs, including:

    • Dropped call reduction
    • Frequency retuning
    • Spectrum carving - creating additional spectrum for emerging technologies
    • Single cell functionality tests
    • Cluster optimisation
    • Network performance optimisation
    • Traffic monitoring
    • Daily KPI monitoring
    • Optimisation of new carriers
    • Data services optimisation
    • Network audits
    • Integrated operation management
    • Radio survey services
    • QA testing
    • Network benchmarking
    • Process & procedure analysis
    • Documentation and report management
    • Network maintenance outsourced services